International Trade Consulting and Services

Sourcing Agent

As we have a wide range of suppliers, ILP grow into a new era of purchasing agents. Compared with the traditional mode of material procurement, the sourcing agent is a new mode of material procurement. The biggest difference between it and the traditional material mode is that the purchasing agent tries to divide the function of material procurement from the internal enterprise and realize the externalization of material procurement.

Agent Inspection

In the international trade,ILP will serve as a third party to help our customers provide inspection services, the service content is as follows:

1. Full inspection before shipment: 100% inspection of goods.

2. Sample inspection before shipment: according to the order information, the product shall be subject to sample inspection according to international standards. The standard level of sample inspection shall be specified by the customer or determined according to the characteristics of the product

3. Quality tracking: assist customers to go to designated processors to control production progress, quality and other abnormal situations

4. Container loading supervision: Commodity loading supervision shall be carried out according to the place designated by the customer.

We can also provide third party factory inspection services

- Primary factory inspection

Hardware (personnel, equipment, plant area, business license, etc.)

- Intermediate factory inspection

Hardware + software (related certification performance, quality management, process control, etc.)

- Full audit

Hardware + software + social responsibility + credit survey + environmental impact

Trade Consulting

At present, the global country risk level has increased,ILP remind customers to improve the risk prevention awareness, at the same time, with our in-depth understanding of the current international trade situation and trade activities, to assist our customers to deal with all kinds of cross-border trade documents, and provide professional international trade advisory services.

1. Apply for letter of credit, import and export license, certificate of origin, etc.

2. Coordinating the import and export of goods for freight forwarders and transports.

3. Completed import and export documents and handled trade receivables.

Tariff   Refund

Consult with ILP drawback experts to discover your program eligibility. Learn when you can claim a duty refund and what kinds of records you have to keep afterwards.Be confident refunds are yours to keep with accurate, compliant filings and a clean audit trail.

Freight Insurance

ILP can provide warehouse-to-warehouse freight insurance protection for domestic export customers, reducing economic losses caused by dangerous accidents during transportation. With ILP sea and air freight services, customers will be able to enjoy a more comprehensive one-stop freight export and insurance services.

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