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Himalaya Shipping sees first LNG bunkering for its newbuilt ships

HIMALAYA Shipping has initiated the LNG bunkering process for two of its newly built ships, namely Mount Norefjell and Mount Matterhorn, reports Rotterdam's Offshore Energy.

In an announcement made on August 2, the company revealed that both vessels were successfully bunkered with LNG in Singapore over the past few days.

Mount Norefjell and Mount Matterhorn are dual-fuel bulk carriers with a capacity of 210,000 dwt each.

These vessels were constructed by the renowned Chinese shipbuilder, New Times Shipyard (NTS).

Equipped with scrubbers, these ships can operate on high-sulphur fuel oil, LNG, and low-sulphur fuel oil.

Their versatile design also allows for possible future conversion to accommodate next-generation fuels.

Himalaya Shipping highlights the environmental benefits of these LNG-powered ships.

Running a Newcastlemax on LNG results in a remarkable 43 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions compared to a standard capesize ship.

Additionally, the utilisation of LNG significantly reduces harmful SOx and NOx emissions, making these vessels more eco-friendly and contributing to a greener maritime industry.

"We are pleased to see the first LNG bunkering of the Himalaya ships. Both the environmental and economic benefit of running on LNG makes us confident in our choice to invest in dual-fuel engines," said Himalaya Shipping CEO Herman Billung.

"The high LNG prices seen in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine conflict seem to be normalising, and we believe, over time, LNG prices will trade at a discount to oil. Of the around 2000 Capesize+ dry bulk ships in the world, less than two per cent can run on LNG, hence, Himalaya Shipping is well positioned to benefit from the environmental regulations being introduced."

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